Zombies Can't Jump 2

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Zombies Can't Jump 2 Today we want to introduce a new game Zombies Can't Jump 2. You can't jump and enjoy the second part of the already known Zombie toy. In the event of a catastrophe and harmful chemicals being released into Mexico, most people will return to Mexico when they become bloodthirsty zombies. Now these creatures are governed by a single desire full of living flesh. The main characters of our game are an inseparable couple who travel across the country and fight against these monsters. When they come to a small town completely captured by these monsters. Now their task is to clear the zombies. We're gonna help them with that. As the armies of the living dead approach us, we must bring together the boxes that will give us an increase and some kind of temporary protection. After raising them, our heroes will take off their weapons and start shooting towards the monsters. So they will destroy them. Follow the screen and create more boxes to replace the broken ones if necessary. You can also see the buttons on the screen responsible for bonus weapons. This is an increase in firing rate or a new weapon. Use these bonuses wisely and don't let the zombies reach our heroes, otherwise they will be shattered.