Ragdoll Achievement 2

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Ragdoll Achievement 2 A fun game of Ragdoll Achievement 2 created to entertain gamers. There are no plot stories, you do not need to demonstrate special skills. The only thing that should be shown is an excellent sense of humor. In the center of the game action is a rag doll, it is above her players will scoff.

The gameplay of the game goes like this: on the playground in the lower left corner is a small square with a bomb inside. Click on the bomb to set it in the center of the field. When manipulations with explosives are completed, and you are ready to have fun, then click on the Start button. Now carefully observe what is happening in Ragdoll Achievement 2. And that's what happens: the doll very slowly slips from the ceiling, carefully trying to land, but as soon as it touches the floor, the detonator is activated and the mine explodes, and the character scatters into thousands of small pieces.

It is completely easy to kill a dummy, especially since it is made of cloth, but the effect of the process is amazing. It is better to unload anger and negativity on an uninspired object than on real people. If you want to relax and laugh sincerely, then start playing.