Run 3

32 vote, 4.5 / 5
Run 3 Its time to turn off the TV and start running, jumping and becoming agile. To warm up, we propose a free online game Run 3, which will stinger you for a while! According to a famous Chinese proverb, Only passers-by know the depth of the holes, it seems to make sense to Run 3, the third free game of the day developed by Joseph Cloutier, an independent American developer. This is a game that will keep you long enough to keep you busy with summer traffic jams: Run 3 is a very addictive and never-ending action / platform game that you'll play as a little gray alien we wont know anything about. Other than that, he seems to be doomed to run in a tunnel without stopping. Run 3 (and jump) to save your life! Try to reach the final case and sound and use your environment to survive as long as possible. Do you know how to win each level?