Space Invaders

Space Invaders PLAY GAME
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Space Invaders Space Invaders online, is one of the first arcade games released in 1978! The proposed flash version is faithful to the arcade version. The Space Invaders game is probably the most famous and the oldest (1978) shoot em up in the world! But it is not because it is not new that it is not playable, on the contrary, it is easy to (re) take! In this shooter, it is a question of knocking out as many invaders as possible with the ship below, this one being able to protect itself behind barricades. In this version of the famous Space Invaders, nothing new! It will reassure nostalgic players, just use the arrow keys to steer your ship and the Space key to shoot. You only have three lives to start. It's up to the best player to get the best score, and that's pretty good considering that the scores on this game are saved for the players registered on Very good !