The Deepest Sleep

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The Deepest Sleep In the horror games online The Deepest Sleep, you wake up in a daze, you have a hard time seeing what's around you. In fact, you do not even know if you are sleeping again or if you are awake. On the other hand the destruction around you seems very real and by exploring a little more the surroundings, you discover a note which was written by none other than yourself. It seems like all this is a dream, but everything seems real to you and you only want one thing to get out of this place as quickly as possible. Find anything that could be useful and act quickly! You had a bad night. You woke up with a start in your bed, unable to speak or move. There is only one thing you are sure of: there is someone in your room. What does this person want? Suddenly, she attacks you. You are plunged into darkness. When the light comes back, you are in a dark place, which seems abandoned. You will have to explore the place to find a way out of here. Take with you empty bottles and other weird objects. They may not be used for anything in the immediate future, but afterwards. Good luck !