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Game Details

Vex 3 is one of the most exciting adventure games on our site that needs to show your attention, your skills and especially your agility. Help Vex3 pass all levels of the game! Jump, slide, swipe or face and avoid all obstacles in your path. Try to finish each level as quickly as possible and get the best score! Since this game is full of challenges, the presentation should have all the above qualities and without them you will not have the chance to succeed successfully to complete the game. There are many challenges waiting for you in this game, you must be ready for everything. In the game, you must use the left and right arrows to move and the arrow to jump. Pay attention to the traps, because if you fall into them, you have to start the level from the beginning. If you don't know what's wrong, you'll never finish the game. New adventure game on our site seems a little easier at early levels but its difficulty should not be underestimated because it is made to give you a chance to get the buttons used to learn and the rules. As you reach higher levels, things get complicated and your goal will be harder to achieve successfully.

How to Play?

Instructions: Use the arrows.