Zombocalypse 2

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Zombocalypse 2 Play Zombocalypse 2 game at the beginning of a complete zombocalypse, there are only a few living people who have fought for the last battle in their lifetime. Your helicopter crashed and you find yourself among these enormous zombies, now you just need to rely on your strength to survive. At the beginning you only have bucks, shake it in all directions and chop the zombies heads! Then you will be given bonus boxes. It can only be a pistol, then a rifle, a shotgun, a machine gun, a flame machine and the like. Each new weapon opens with the hero's leveling. Over time, the zombies will start to come faster and faster and your numbers and strengths will increase significantly, so it will be difficult to deal with this attack. Pick up bonus kits, as well as weapons of mass destruction: missiles, bombers and helicopters. Gain more experience, upgrade your hero and try to survive in this zombocalypse! Good luck, hero!